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A guide to using Zotero, a free tool for collecting information about your research sources and creating citations.

Add Citation Information Manually

You can always manually add citations to Zotero, if you are not able to add information in any other format. When you use the New Item tool, Zotero will create a new blank citation that you can fill with information for your citation. You must choose an item type, to create a new citation, but the item type can always be changed in the citation information panel on the right.

Click the image to the right for a larger version in a new window.

Click on the New Item button and choose an item type. Then enter information for the citation.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click the Add Item icon (green circle with a white plus icon).
  2. Choose the item type you'd like to add (ex: Book Section or Journal Article).
  3. In the right sidebar, click into the boxes for each type of information you want to add (ex: Author, Publication) and type or paste the citation information.
  4. To change the itme type, click Item Type in the right sidebar to update the citation type.
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