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Social Sciences Databases Tutorial

This guide offers directions and a lesson plan for using the Social Sciences Databases Tutoiral

If you have been assigned this tutorial by your instructor, follow their directions as to due date, etc. 

If you have come here to learn on your own, you may begin at any time.  

  • You have to do this all in one sitting.  It doesn't save, so you can't come back later to finish.  

  • Don't refresh the page. It will go back to the first screen. 

  • Set aside at least 60 minutes so you don't have to hurry.  

  • You can't use your browser BACK command. You will lose everything you just completed. 

  • Don't close the tab. You will have to start over. 

  • To go back in the right-hand column: Right click rather than use your browser back button 

  • Sometimes the link in the right side will open in a separate window. This is fine. Just toggle back and forth between the window and the tutorial to answer the questions. 

  • Links in the left-hand column will open in a new tab or window. Don't close the tutorial tab! Toggle back and forth as needed. All links in the left-hand column are optional.  

  • If you have tech trouble, e-mail Sherri Saines at We will try to help you.  

Subjects: Social Sciences