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CHEM 5200: Science Research Literature and Writing

Useful resources for Chemistry 5200 and includes access information and search guides for Chemistry databases


Scifinder-n (Access for registered users) 

Use SciFinder-n to find articles on all aspects of chemistry. Chemistry specific journals are indexed cover to cover. Articles from other journals that relate to chemistry broadly are also indexed. Scifinder-n allows users to search for compounds and reactions by drawing molecules and reaction pathways. The database is designed to be searcher friendly for all levels of researcher. 

Register for Scifinder-n access.

You can register for access using this Link. You will be asked to authenticate with your Ohio ID and Password and then be directed to the Scifinder registration form. You must use your Ohio email address in the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email in your Ohio email from CAS (generally within a few minutes) with instructions on confirming and activating your registration. If you do not receive this email within 10 minutes, check your junk or spam email folder.

Once you have completed the registration process you can begin to use Scifinder-n. To access Scifinder open a new browser window and connect with from this ALICE record. Use the "Connect" button in that record to authenticate as an OHIO user and connect to the Scifinder login page, Then login with your Scifinder username and password.

CAS Scifinder-n Help

You can find help with all aspects of using Scifinder-n on this page. Searching, structure drawing and uploading and working with search results are all covered in detail. It includes detailed instructions on migrating saved answers and alerts to Scifinder-n..

Scifinder-n Training Guide

You can use the tutorials and videos on this page to learn about the search options for Scifinder-n. There are guides for Substance, Reaction and Reference searching.

Other Useful Chemistry/Science Databases

Finding Journals and Scholarly Articles

ACS Publication Style