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POLS 2500: International Relations

Fall 2022 - Dr. Andrew Ross

Library Resources

Tertiary Sources

Use these sources to look at broad overviews of a subtopic within the study of international relations. They will even help you identify the top journals and articles within your topic of interest.

Secondary Sources 

These databases will likely be most useful to you as you start to search for articles written by experts in international relations.  

  • International Political Science Abstracts 
    • This database covers articles written by experts in the fields of international relations, human rights, and international law.  
  • Political Science Complete 
    • This database contains articles written by experts in a wide variety of political topics, including international relations, with a worldwide focus. 
    • This is more of an interdisciplinary database but is still really good for finding articles written by experts about international relations. 


Subjects: Political Science