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MDIA 1010: The Evolution of Media

Library research sources for MDIA 1010

Find newspaper or magazine articles

Find newspaper articles on your topic:

  1. Start with the America's Newspapers/Access World News database. Here you can search for national or local news articles about a topic. 
  2. Search tips:
  3. From your search results, click on the title of an article to read the full text.
  4. APA guidelines for newspapers found online say that you should list the URL of the newspaper's homepage, even if you found it via a library database. See an example below. 
  5. Check out the video on using American's Newspapers or let me know if you need help finding newspaper articles. 

When to use newspaper articles

  1. When researching an event or something related to your topic that happened very recently. 
  2. When you want to find out current events related to an ongoing topic.
  3. Look for historic newspaper articles when you want to know how a topic was discussed at another point in time. 

Example APA citation

Hunt, S. (2011, December 5). Deal sought for road repair by drillers. The Columbus Dispatch. Retrieved from