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Graphic Design

Resources for students studying graphic design

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Call number ranges for browsing

Browsing can be a great way to encounter books you'd otherwise miss, or to open yourself up to new discoveries and inspiration. Use the following call numbers ranges to browse in the library stacks. Similar books are very often collocated on the shelves, but it's a good to keep an open mind as you browse as some books may be classified differently than you'd think.

Refer to the General Information: Books page for help reading call numbers.


NC1-1940 Drawing. Design. Illustration.

NC845-915 Graphic art materials
NC950-(996) Illustration
NC997-1003 Commercial art. Advertising art
NC1280-1284 Printed ephemera. Imagerie populaire
NC1300-1766 Pictorial humor, caricature, etc.
NC1800-1850 Posters
NC1860-1896 Greeting cards, postcards, invitations, book jackets, etc. 


NE1-3002 Print media


NK1-9990 Decorative Arts

NK1160-1590 Decoration and Ornament. Design.

Z4-115.5 Books (General). Writing. Paleography

Z4-8 History of books and bookmaking 
Z116-659 Book industries and trade

Z116.A2 Treatises on the modern printed book
Z116.A3 Book design
Z116.A5-265.5 Printing

Z124-228 History
Z231-234 Printers and printing establishments
Z234 Medallic history of printing. Tokens
Z235-236 Printer's marks, mottoes, etc.
Z237 Paper. Watermarks, etc.
Z240-241.5 Incunabula. Block books Including broadsides, playing cards
Z242.9-264.5 Practical printing Including printing as a business, layout, paper and ink, machinery, type and type founding, electrotyping, desktop publishing, typesetting, presswork
Z265-265.5 Representation or reproduction of books, documents, etc., by photography, microphotography, or other means

Z266-276 Bookbinding. Book decoration
Z278-549 Bookselling and publishing
Z551-656 Copyright
Z657-659 Freedom of the press. Censorship 

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