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Guarantee+ Libraries Information Literacy Milestones Repository

Select the tab for your college and then your major to see what is needed to complete you Libraries Information Literacy Milestones for G+.


Guarantee+ and the University Libraries:

Starting in the Fall of 2022, all undergraduate programs will be integrated into the Guarantee+ Program - link to our webpage on integration into G+. As each undergraduate program is integrated into Guarantee+, the University Libraries will create three Information Literacy Milestones. This work is being coordinated by each academic program's librarian/liaison and the faculty in those departments. When you are enrolled into Guarantee+, you will be required to complete the three Information Literacy Milestones for your major. All Ohio University students will complete the Information Literacy Milestone 1 during their first semester at Ohio University. 

How to use this repository: 

This repository will serve as an access point for all Information Literacy Milestones for each of the undergraduate programs. Select your college from the left-hand menu and then select your major. Each Information Literacy Milestone will be identified and a completion date or the course in which it will be completed within. 

Further information on Guarantee+:

Guarantee+ is an initiative from the Provost's Office for recruitment and retention, as well as alumni involvement at OHIO University. It includes an individualized graduation program for all undergraduate students, fixed tuition/fees, and alumni scholarships. Most importantly , "... an individualized graduation plan that ensures you’ll graduate on time and on plan, or we’ll make it right, including covering the cost of additional courses if necessary." Guarantee+ Homepage

How do I achieve Guarantee+ Milestones?

Information Literacy Milestone Learning Outcomes

Milestone 1: Novice Information Literacy Learners

Novice learners occasionally:

  • reflect on their information discovery habits,  
  • explore information from different sources and formats,
  • see themselves as more than simply consumers of information.

Milestone 2. Able Information Literacy Learners

Able learners often:

  • reflect on and seek to improve their information discovery habits,  
  • explain how information is produced and valued,  
  • see themselves as more than simply consumers of information, but increasingly as knowledge creators and participants in communities of learning.

Milestone 3: Skilled Information Literacy Learners

Skilled learners almost always:

  • reflect on and seek to improve their information discovery habits,  
  • demonstrate how information is produced and valued,
  • see themselves across the spectrum of information actors, including as knowledge creators
  • participate ethically as experts in certain communities of learning.