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Research Data Repositories: Finding and Storing Data

This guide will help researchers find a repository to submit collected data or find raw data to analyze on a topic. Guide 2 of 3-part series.

Multidisciplinary Data Repositories

These are some general or interdisciplinary data repositories you can search for data in or consider storing your collected data within. Many of these data repositories allow for quick dataset publication, provide a doi or permalink, and allow for multiple file formats.  

The resources below are searchable databases of data repositories. If you have a difficult time finding a very specific repository for your data needs, you may want to search in one these: 

  • (REgistery of REsearch data REpositories)
  • OpenDOAR (Directory of Open Access Repositories) an authoritative list that includes datasets, articles, books, and software
  • (find data and metadata standards)
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