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Keep Learning, Teaching, and Working Resources

This guide acts as a reading list on how to keep teaching, learning, and working well in online environments.

Staying mindful during a crisis

As you prepare to keep teaching, learning, and working, it's important that you also take time to check in with yourself. In uncertain times, it's important to take appropriate cautionary measures, but to also stay calm and in tune with your mental health.

The following resources are provided to help you cultivate mindfulness, calm, and to promote connection in the midst of social distancing. For even more ways to connect with campus, check out the Virtual Involvement Center.

Resources for the mind

  • Visit your favorite animals: Visit the San Diego Zoo or the Monterey Bay Aquarium with their live camera feeds.
  • Explore the surface of Mars: The Access Mars project allows your to explore a 3D surface of the surface of Mars.
  • Explore the surface of Earth: Use Google Earth to take a trip to parts unknown.
  • Karaoke!: Sing along to your favorite songs with free karaoke tracks on youtube.
  • Play some retro games: Enjoy this collection of MS-DOS games from the Internet Archive.
  • Play some board games online: You can always play them in person, but if you've got an internet connection you can enjoy some classic board games online.

Resources for the body

Yoga is a great way to move your body (and stretch after a Netflix binge) while also working your mind.

If yoga isn't your thing but you are looking for ways to move at home, check out these classes and guides. Or just keep Netflix on!

If you are cooking at home, check out Bon Appetit's healthy eating guide or recipes to cook on a day off, or try Food Network's easy pantry recipes.

The following is list of Athens-area food establishments that are offering take out or delivery. Generally the most up to date information is available on their facebook page. Support your local businesses!