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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Start finding information on the cost, use, etc. of your chemical.

Product Information

Many of the encyclopedias listed have older editions. It can be helpful to check multiple additions because sometimes the information provided changes from edition to edition.

There are also many encyclopedias and handbooks online, which have the added benefit of being able to search the content.


Chemical prices can be tricky to find as there is no one comprehensive resource, but you can find current pricing information on SciFinder.

Search SciFinder (see below)

SciFinder will usually provide information about companies that supply chemicals and sometimes will list prices. Once you determine which company produces the chemical, you may have to contact them to determine the price or go to their webpage.


  1. Login to SciFinder.
  2. Select how you want to search for substances at the top of the page. Your choices include:
    1. Substances
    2. Reactions
    3. References
    4. Suppliers
  3. Enter the CAS Registry Number (this is found by searching "substance name" CAS number in Google)



What is happening in the chemical industry that may be effecting your chemical, its feedstock, etc. (price, production quantity, etc.)? Searching business databases and trade publications can give you some insight.

  1. A simple search, to do in Business Source Complete, is to enter the chemical compound you have been assigned (or feedstock chemicals required for production). This could result in a lot of articles so you may need to add additional terms (e.g., prices, demand, production, supply). If you find an article that is perfect for your project, look at its subject category/descriptors for additional terms to modify your search.
  2. Factiva is a business database that includes chemical industry information. You can search for your chemical name, chemical identifiers, formulas, etc.
  3. Statista is a great resource to find statistics on global production and market information with graphs that can be easily downloaded to powerpoint.

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