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Tests & Measures for the Behavioral Sciences

This guide describes the resources for obtaining information about tests and measures in the behavioral sciences - education, counseling, psychology, social work, etc.

Which Tool to Use?

The table below shows the characteristics of each database with regard to full text, searchability, availability of reviews, commercial/non-commercial status, and other studies


  MMY TC TIP ETS DUEMM Tests TIM ERIC PsycInfo HAPI Tests & Measures Web
To identify tests by subject or keyword X   X X X X   X X X X  
To find reviews for known tests X X     * *   X X *    
To find other studies which have used known tests X X X         X X      
To find full text of noncommercial tests       X X   X X   X X X
To find order information for commercial texts X   X X X X       X   X

*When available, includes validity and reliability information only.

More information about each of these sources is included in other tabs in this Guide. 


General Information about Finding and Using Tests and Measures

Tests and measures may be either commercial or noncommercial (free).  The Library does not collect examples of commercial tests because most publishers do not sell them to libraries.  To see a copy of most commercial tests, you must buy a copy.  In some cases, publishers will only sell psychological instruments to those with relevant professional credentials.

Even if a test is noncommercial (unpublished and freely available), you should obtain permission from the author to use it. 

For more information on the proper use of tests, see Standards for educational and psychological testing prepared by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing of the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Mesurement in Education.  This document is not available electronically.

If you need help using any of the resources in this guide or finding information about an author, please don't hesitate to ask me using the contact information on the right or another librarian by using the Ask Us Now box below my contact information.