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EDCT 6901: Workshop In Computer Education

Assignment for Open Access and Educational Resources Session

1. Watch the three videos on Open Access embedded below (they are all very short)

2. Read Harnessing the Power of Student-Created Content: Faculty and Librarians Collaborating in the Open Educational Environment

3. Using the short videos and the book chapter, write a 2-3 page response describing how you could see a hypothetical open pedagogy textbook being created/used in your area. So for example, if you are interested in linguistics, how would you create a textbook similar to the project Dr. Ganeshan worked on? What would you do that is the same and what would you differently? If your area is education, how would you go about designing a project like Dr. Ganeshan's that focuses on topics like instructional design or research methods or counseling or some other topic related to education? You may find it helpful to look at other OA textbooks that have been created at Ohio University by exploring the textbook projects housed in the OHIO Open Faculty Textbooks library.

4. Attach your 2-3 page discussion to an email and send it to me. That's it!

Subjects: Education