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EDCT 6901: Workshop In Computer Education

Assignment for Searching Databases Session

This will be the only session for this workshop that will involve a synchronous, face to face meeting. The meeting will involve going through the online databases that the library subscribes to that are relevant to your research topic or area of interest. I'd recommend double-dipping and bringing an assignment from another class for the two of us to focus on. So for example, if you are taking another course online that involves a paper or presentation, you and I can walk through your search strategy to find articles, books, and other resources that you can use to complete that research paper or assignment. If you would prefer, we could work on multiple assignments or even focus our session on your dissertation, theses, or culminating project. How we handle this meeting is entirely up to you.


  1. Grab a time slot on my calendar. If you can't meet before 5pm because of a job or other issue let me know and we can arrange an evening time to meet.
  2. Come prepared to discuss a research topic of your choice
  3. That's it!

As always, if you have any questions, just reach out through email or Teams.


Subjects: Education