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EDCT 6901: Workshop In Computer Education

Overview of the Four Sessions

Semester Syllabus

Hello all! If I am reading the academic calendar correctly, this course work should be completed by December 5, 2020. Because this is only a 1-credit hour course, that means 4 class sessions. This guide will serve as the asynchronous classroom, with the 4 class sessions located on the left hand side of the page. The first 3 sessions will require you work on your own and submit some sort of artifact. The fourth session will be a face to face meeting that I will have with each of you individually. 

I plan on having all the sessions up by mid-September. You are welcome to work on them at your leisure, but all 4 sessions need to be completed by December 5. In order to assign value to the assignments, let's say that each session and the corresponding assignment are worth 25% of your final grade. If you address all the prompts for the assignment, you will get 25 points. If you skip prompts or don't address the questions, I'll take some points off. 

Feel free to reach out to me through email and I'll answer any of your questions as we move through the semester.

Subjects: Education