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EDCT 6901: Workshop In Computer Education

Assignment for Digital Archives Session

1. Please visit the Alden Library Digital Archives Collection page

2. Pick 3 collections that interest you and spend some time searching or browsing within the collection

3. Answer the following questions based on your experiences in the collections:

  • Was one of the collections easier to search or navigate than the others? If yes, which one and why? If no, what was it about the interfaces that you liked or didn't like?
  • Choose 3 items from the digital archives that you found interesting and write a paragraph about each item. You can write whatever you want but if you are struggling to think of something, write about how you might use the item in your research, in your work, or as part of a presentation. These three items can be from one collection or from different collections. 
  • Provide a link that goes back to that item so I can look at it while I read your paragraph. Make sure to use a link from the item record that will get me back to that exact item. If you aren't sure, test the link before you turn in your assignment.

4. Attach your responses to an email and send it to me. Any questions, just send them my way.

Video Demonstration of the Assignment

Subjects: Education