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Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Use this for your research before, during, and after the event

graphic with event details and logo, the gender symbol with a raised fist holding a paintbrush in place of a cross


March 31, 2021


10am-4pm ET


Microsoft Teams (event link)

People of all skill levels, gender identities and expressions are invited to attend.

Please email Michele Jennings for questions about the event and Jen Harvey for information about accommodation.

About Art+Feminism

"Wikipedia’s gender trouble is well documented. In a 2011 survey, the Wikimedia Foundation found that less than 10% of its contributors identify as female. Further, data analysis tools and computational linguistics studies have concluded that Wikipedia has fewer and less extensive articles on women; those same tools have shown gender biases in biographical articles.

This is a problem.

When cis and trans women, non-binary people, Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities are not represented in the writing and editing on the tenth-most-visited site in the world, information about people like us gets skewed and misrepresented. The stories get mistold. We lose out on real history. That’s why we’re here: to change it.

Since 2014, over 18,000 people at more than 1,260 events around the world have participated in our edit-a-thons, resulting in the creation and improvement of more than 84,000 articles on Wikipedia and its sister projects."

Read more on Art+Feminism's website.