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LGBTQ Children's Books

Guide to children's books with Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, or Queer characters & themes. WGSS 2020, WGSS 1000

Timeline Of LGBTQ Children's and YA Literature

19th and even 18th century adults wrote about their fears of same-sex relationships, especially between young people, in medical and psychological texts.  Remember that true children's literature is a late 19th Century invention, and most books that children read were actually written for adults. While childhood is still supposed to be an age of innocence from any sexual knowledge, many novels include teen relationships that seem to modern eyes homoerotic (Tom Brown's Schooldays (1857), Ragged Dick (1869), Little Women(1868), Huckleberry Finn(1884), Anne of Green Gables (1908), A Separate Peace (1959)), but acknowledged LGBTQ characters do not appear until . . . . 1969.