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HathiTrust Digital Library

Downloading Online Full Text

To download books, make sure you're logged into HathiTrust.

HathiTrust offers two options for downloading and saving material: downloading a single page or an entire book. While viewing a book, click on Download this page (PDF) or Download whole book (PDF) on the left-hand side of the page. 

Downloading a single page prompts the PDF to automatically open in a new tab in your web browser.  From there you can save or print the page using the PDF menu.

When downloading an entire book the system may take a moment to generate the PDF.  Once it is ready, click on Download PDF.  You will be prompted to open or to save the file.

If Full Text Isn't Available

Some items in HathiTrust are marked Limited (Search Only). This means that these items are presumed to be in copyright, so HathiTrust cannot offer the full text. For more information about HathiTrust's copyright policy, see their Copyright FAQ. You can get an overall idea of the content of the book by searching within the text to find out how frequently words of interest to you are used. You can sometimes see snippets of these items where your search terms appear.

To get a copy of the book in print, try searching for it in the ALICE Catalog or OhioLINK Catalog. If the book isn't available through OhioLINK, request it through Interlibrary Loan.