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Ohio University Libraries

Virtual Study Rooms


Virtual Study Rooms are spaces where you can socialize, study, and enjoy the company of your fellow Bobcats. To attend a virtual study room, you will need to sign in with your OHIO email. Video and audio is not required but encouraged. Once in a virtual study group, please feel free to say hi and introduce yourself to the group: name, pronouns, major, type of homework you’re working on, show off your COVID masks, introduce your pet, etc.



  • Be respectful and kind to everyone.
  • No video or audio recording will take place.
  • We intend that these study spaces should be social experiences, but we do ask to keep background noises to a respectful minimum for others to hear and study. You may do this by muting your mic when not speaking.
  • Please feel free to use the chat for short or extended conversations. Memes, gifs, and pet pictures are encouraged.
  • Make sure to read the room. If you are in a quiet study room and want to socialize more, feel free to join a different study room and invite other friends. Find the one that fits your needs.
  • All harassment and other breaches of OHIO University Code of Conduct will be reported to The Office of Community Standards.
  • Our student moderators may remove students who are unable to follow the virtual study room guidelines. 

Our student moderators are here to help enforce the guidelines, keep track of letting people in the study group, help troubleshoot connection issues, and even guide you to more of our library services. If you need help with tutoring, we encourage you to set up an appointment with the Academic Achievement Center. Tutoring is not a service our student moderators will be providing during the Virtual Study Sessions.