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Research Workshop Series

Workshop Series Development

In 2013-14, three Alden librarians (Jessica Hagman, Hilary Bussell, and Chris Guder) conducted a mixed methods study of Ohio University graduate students in order to answer the following questions: 

  1. Do the information needs of Ohio University graduate students suggest that the Libraries should offer workshops or other non-course-integrated instruction on research-related topics, including the use of library-based tools?
  2. Do the information needs of on-campus graduate students differ from those of eLearning graduate students?
  3. If there is a need for out of class instruction opportunities, in what format should they be offered to in order to best reach both on campus and eLearning graduate students and still efficiently use limited staff time?

The results of this study are being used to develop workshops and other resources to help graduate students cultivate their research skills. Below you can find information on the study methods and results.

2014 ARL Library Assessment Conference Poster


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May 2014 Presentation to Subject Librarians