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Guarantee+: Information Literacy Milestone 1

Milestone 1: Novice Information Literacy Learners module/tutorial, part A and B for the Guarantee+ program

About the Information Literacy Guarantee+ Milestone 1

Hello and welcome to the Libraries Information Literacy Milestone 1 guide and module for the OHIO Guarantee+ program. This module is designed in two parts, part A and B, both parts will need to be completed to achieve your Milestone 1: Novice Information Literacy Learners for the Guarantee+ Program.

Directions for Students:

  • If you are registered in a UC course, both parts of the module will be integrated into your classes so you will be prompted when you need to complete each tutorial.
  • If you are not in a UC course, you will need to complete both parts of the module in the first semester of your first year ideally by week 9 of the semester. Your advisor should be tracking that progress.

On the tabs to the left, you will find both Part A and Part B tutorials that will need to be completed. Part A covers ways to better your search skills and part B will discuss the research process more in-depth. Each tutorial will ask you questions along the way and at the end of each tutorial you will find a Certificate of Completion to be uploaded to either your professor through Blackboard or your advisor.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Libraries staff through our Get Help page or to any one of the Libraries G+ Team members listed below:

  • Hanna Schmillen ( - Guarantee+ Project Lead, Head of Subject Liaison Services, and Health Sciences Librarian
  • Paul Campbell ( - Guarantee+ Project Member, Social Sciences Librarian
  • John Canter ( - Guarantee+ Project Member, Engineering and Mathematics Librarian
  • Janelle Hubble ( - Guarantee+ Milestone 1 co-creator, Zanesville Library Manager, and Zanesville UC coordinator
  • Bill Kimok ( - Guarantee+ Milestone 1 co-creator, University College Liaison, and University Archivist and Records Manager

Special thanks to Sue Fletcher, the First-Year Curriculum Coordinator for University College and her collaboration!

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