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Food Studies Theme

resources for the Food Studies Theme

Welcome to Food Studies Libguide

Welcome to the Ohio University Libraries' research guide for the Curriculum Theme, Food Studies

Everyone eats.  Everyone needs to eat.  And from that rationale rises the awareness that today, food, its production, consumption and meaning, both at the domestic and international level, is of deep social, political and economic consequence.  Food studies allows students to think critically about an aspect of their lives --- simultaneously deeply personal, public, and political - to which they can readily relate  

This guide offers a selection of resources about the emerging world of food studies.  The guide contains resources relevant to events and readings for this theme and its many related disciplines.  

Discipline-specific resources can be found via the tabs at the top of the page.  We have also included the subject librarians at Alden Library that serve as liaisons to various departments.  

This guide is a work in progress; if you have any comments, suggestions, or requests about resources to add, please contact us.