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Let's work together

A big part of my job as a subject librarian for Communication Studies is to work with both graduate students and undergraduate students to ensure that they have access to information that they need. That means both collecting information sources at the library and providing instruction so that they can actually find the sources they need.

So, here are some ways I could work with you on your COMS 1030 class to make sure the students are finding and engaging with information sources for their speeches:

  • Developing an activity: If you want to do a scavenger hunt or other activity in the library or related to finding information, I can help with that.
  • The COMS 1030 research guide has a number of "how to" videos. But if you think there is something more specific your students need, I can make additional videos.
  • Add the research guide to Blacboard: You can include a link to the student COMS 1030 research guide to your Blackboard course, or even add it as a widget in the course page. Contact me for the widget code.
  • Blackboard based discussions about information resources: Have your students discuss the resources they've found on Blackboard and send questions to me. Or, add me to your Blackboard course and I'll respond to their findings/questions directly.
  • Send students my way: Research from Project Information Literacy indicates that students generally don't ask students for help with research. They'll come to you first. If you think they need additional help, send them to me, or to one of my colleagues via the Alden Library Ask a Librarian service.