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Classification Numbers for Bassoon Music

M75–79  Bassoon or contrabassoon alone:
     M75  Collections (more than one composer)
     M76  Original works: Collections (one composer)
     M77  Original works: Separate
     M78  Arrangements: Collections (one composer)
     M79  Arrangements: Separate works
 M253–254  Bassoon or contrabassoon with piano accompaniment:
     M253  Collections
     M254  Separate works
 M288–M289  Duets for two wind instruments (of all kinds):
     M288  Collections
     M289  Separate works
 M290–M291  Duets—one stringed and one wind instrument
 M296–M297  Duets—one wind and one plucked instrument
 M315–M319  Piano and two wind instruments
 M320–M324  Piano, one stringed, and one wind instrument
 M335–M339  Piano, one wind, and one plucked instrument
 M355–M359  Three wind instruments
 M360–M364  Three stringed and wind instruments
 M375–M379  Three wind and plucked instruments


Quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets follow similar patterns (in the M400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s, respectively).

Concertos and Similar Pieces

M1026  Bassoon with orchestra, full scores
M1026.5  Cadenzas for such works
M1027  Bassoon with orchestra, piano reductions
M1126  Bassoon with string orchestra, full scores
M1126.5  Cadenzas for such works
M1127  Bassoon with string orchestra, piano reductions

Studies and Methods

MT400 General works 

MT402 Systems and methods 

MT403 Teaching pieces

MT404 Instructive editions 

MT405 Studies and exercises 

MT406 Orchestral excerpts and studies 

MT407 Two bassoons 

MT408 Self-instructors 

MT412 Contrabassoon 

MT415 Sarrusophone

Subject Headings

(for subject searches in ALICE or WorldCat)

Solo bassoon music: sonatas (bassoon); suites (bassoon); variations (bassoon); etc.; bassoon music
Bassoon and piano music:

rondos (bassoon and piano); sonatas (bassoon and piano); suites (bassoon and piano); variations (bassoon and piano); etc.; bassoon and piano music


bassoon music (bassoons (2))

clarinet and bassoon music; flute and bassoon music; horn and bassoon music; oboe and bassoon music; etc.


woodwind trios (bassoon, oboe, flute) (or other combinations)

wind trios [mixed brass and woodwind instruments, various combinations], e.g., wind trios (bassoon, clarinet, trumpet)

trios [various combinations of instruments], e.g., trios, viola, bassoons (2)), trios (bassoon, trumpet, percussion)


woodwind quartets [various combinations of instruments];

also suites [various combinations of instruments]; variations [various combinations of instruments]; etc.

wind quartets [mixed brass and woodwind instruments, various combinations];

also suites, variations, etc.

also suites, variations, etc.

  Similar for quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets
Bassoon and Orhcestra:

concertos (bassoon)

concertos (bassoon) -- solo with piano

bassoon with orchestra

concertos (bassoon with string orchestra)

rondos (bassoon with orchestra), etc.


Selected Bibliography: Music, Writings

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Classification Numbers for Books about the Bassoon

Ref. ML128 .B26  Bassoon bibliographies
 ML950  General works
 ML951  Construction
 ML953  Music and playing

Selected Periodicals

The Double Reed* ML1 .D69x
Journal of the International Double Reed Society ML1 .I718

 *Current issues may be found in the Current Periodicals area of the library.

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