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Government Information

Federal and and state of Ohio government documents as well as documents from international organizations

A Three Step Process to Find Agency Information

How to identify and find government agencies:

1: Identify which government agency would be likely to publish the type of information you are looking for.

   For instance, if you wanted information about:

  • renewable energy - try the Energy Department 
  • terrorism -- try the Department of Homeland Security 
  • unemployment statistics - try the Bureau of Labor Statistics  

   You can browse through a list of government agencies to pick out agencies that might issue the information you want.

2: Go to that agency's Web home page.

  • A lot of agencies have very easy urls:
  • If you can't guess what the agency url is, go to Google or any other internet search engine and type in the agency name

3: Mine that agency's Web pages for information you are looking for.

  • Much of the information on agency websites is NOT easily found on search engines--it's buried in the deep web.
  • Agency home pages have search engines, A-Z lists, and directories to help users plum the depths of their content.
Subjects: Government and Law