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Government Information

Federal and and state of Ohio government documents as well as documents from international organizations

Government Documents Collections at Ohio University

This guide is intended as an introduction to the government documents collections in the Ohio University Libraries, which include federal, state, local, and international materials. Ohio University's Goverment Documents collections are on the 5th floor of Alden Library. They include:

United States Government Documents

Ohio Government Documents

United Nations Government Documents

Map Collection

How Are U.S. Government Documents Arranged?

SuDoc Call Numbers

The Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification system is an alphanumeric call number system used to shelve U.S. government publications. SuDoc call numbers are frequently given as part of bibliographic citations. The SuDocs system is seperate from the Library of Congress Classification scheme used for other library collections.

Each publication is assigned a letter based on the issuing department:

A = Agriculture Department

AE = National Archives and Records Administration

C = Commerce Department

CC = Federal Communications Commission

D = Defense Department

ED = Education

EP = Environmental Protection Agency

I = Department of Interior

J = Justice Department

L = Labor Department

OP = Overseas Private Investment Corporation

PREX = Executive Office of the President

S = State Department

TD = Transportation Department

Y = Congress

How are Government Documents Cited?

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