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BIOS 4730/5730 Animal Behavior (Morris)

Resources for BIOS 4730/5730 Animal Behavior taught by Professor Molly Morris


This Guide is designed to be an easy introduction to both library and online sources for students enrolled in BIOS 4730/5730 Animal Behavior. You will find databases, reference works, electronic journal listings, useful websites and information on citing sources for working on projects for the course


ArticlesPlus is a single database which searches the contents of more than 200 databases all at the same time. Using this one searchbox above, you can find items from:

  • All EBSCOhost databases that we have
  • All JSTOR journals that we have
  • ISI Web of Knowledge
  • Several newspaper databases
  • Our ALICE Catalog (books, videos, names of magazines, journals, and newspapers, and more)
  • ...and much more

ArticlesPlus does not include everything. We have numerous additional databases--including about two dozen from ProQuest--that are not included in ArticlesPlus. To find and connect to these, consult the Databases feature in ALICE.