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AAS 1500: African American Studies

African experience through media

The Assignment

(Final) Semester Research Paper (100) - (5-7pgs)

The semester research paper is an argumentative essay. The argumentative essay requires that your research includes investigating an Africana media related topic, evaluating, collecting and establishing a clear position on the subject. Research topics include aspects of the Black freedom movement, historic and or contemporary media, and media theory.

You will use APA writing style, peer-reviewed references, and class material to write your paper.

To complete this assignment you have a few options.

1. Compare and contrast media images (based on your thesis) before and after a specific period (e.g., before/after the freedom movement of the 1960s) or

2, Use particular media (e.g., advertisements, TV shows or films) related to the course to develop a specific argument. Media content addressed in the class can also be used. All Hip Hop related topics must have instructor approval after the rough outline stage.

You will need a minimum total of eight (8) sources to complete this assignment. Five (5) peer-reviewed references (articles and/or books) and three (3) sources from films or other media screened in class.

Please note the focus of this paper is analysis, not description. There will be updates on the blackboard and class discussions on this
paper throughout the term. Submit on blackboard in the link provided. Due: 12/3